July 29, 2018 7:54 pm

Gold medal for Macedonians

At the final match at EHF Championship we saw Macedonians against Belarus team in a battle for gold medal.

Hosts were first in charge. Four saves by goalkeeper Petkovski two goals from Tankoski and Arsenovski and Macedonians had two goals lead (5-3) after thirteen minutes.

Time out for Oleg Shareika didn’t change much. Belarus was five goals behind after 23 minutes (6-11). All star  Yulian Hiryk was the player who keep Belarus dream alive but after first 30 minutes Macedonians had five goals lead (15-10)

Three saves at the beginning of the second half give a boost to Macedonians and they were dominant in the second half. Difference was seven to eight goals and Belarus didn’t have any chances for come back. Final result is 29-23

Player of the match: Matej Petkovski (MKD)

Oleg Shareika: Today we had a lot of problems scoring goals. Macedonians defense was good and they deserved to win


Danilo Brestovac: I can’t find word to express how proud of this boys I am. We played our best match on the tournament. Everything goes well and I am very happy that we managed to win.