July 29, 2018 12:11 pm

Estonia grabbed seventh place

Battle for seventh place saw another great performance for goalkeeper Armis Priskus as Estonia beat Italy by six goals (25-19).

It was tied battle for fifty minutes and than biggest Italy weakness take a toll. Lack of rotation drained all their strenght and Estonia grabbed opportunity.  Last ten minutes were all about Estonia who came to plus six and secured seventh place on this tournament.

Player of the match: Armis Priskus (EST)

Riccardo Thrilini (ITA): “Our biggest problem is lack of players who can keep the level of the game. We played good against all opponents but only for 30 minutes. After…

Kalmer Musting (EST): We lose last three matches by one goal or shootout. Finally we won. It’s very important for self confidence of my players after those defeats.

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