July 29, 2018 5:06 pm

Bronze goes to Switzerland

Bronze medal match saw a total dominance of the Swiss team against Faroe Islands. It was “One of those days” for Faroe Islands. Nothing goes as should. Not 7v6 nor any other strategy. There is no much to say about the match as Swiss team gain big nine goals lead after only thirty minutes (16-7).

There was nothing left to do for Faroe Islands in the second half. Switzerland continue with their system and secure clear victory and bronze medal. Final score is 32-17

Player of the match: Kayoum Eicher (SUI)

Tobler Marcel (SUI) “Today we played good match. Medal is a medal. We could do more but this is sport. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lost”.

Mark Lausen-Marcher (FAR) Today we were mentally not prepared to play. Yesterday defeat still hurt, and that’s it. We played good tournament, except today.