July 29, 2018 3:08 pm

Ukraine finished on fifth place

Ukraine beat Lithuania and grabbed fifth place at EHF Championship in Skopje. It was another tough battle and result was tied for a long period including 15-15 at half time.

Final score is 29-28 only one goal difference but there wasn’t result drama this time as Ukraine had three goals lead 29-26 in the last minute. Lithuanian’s played pressing and that give them chance to score twice but Ukraine had ball possession in the last ten seconds of the match and secure victory.

Player of the match: Deividas Jovaisas (LTU)

Sergiy Yarovyy (UKR): “It was tough match. We made some mistakes but finally won the match. It was good tournament but I think that we could do better.

Raimondas Maldzius: “It was difficult match for both teams. Last one on this tournament. We are not satisfied with a refereeing on this match.

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