VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski – Skopje

Address: 8th September Boulevard No.13, 1000 Skopje, MKD

Phone number: +389 76 361-185; +389 71 318 966

The Sports Center is named after the President Boris Trajkovski (1956-2004) who passed away in a tragic manner. It is located on the territory of the City of Skopje, in the municipality of Karposh. The Government built the Centre in 2008. Within the Sports Center “Boris Trajkovski” there is a multi-functional sports hall that is also used for cultural events.

Within the complex there is a small gym used for training and recreation. The center also has an exclusive fitness and aerobics center. As part of the fitness center there are a couple of saunas for athletes’ relaxation. The center has a table-tennis club which is available to all visitors and it is supplemented bymassage studio and mega sun solarium. In the complex there is a bowling alley prepared by world standards of the International bowling federation with a bar, and there is also billiard club.

The center is adapted by the standards of most modern sports centers in the United States. Boris Trajkovski Sports Center is image of the sport and status of health and real life. The center is available to all citizens.

The Sports Centre Boris Trajkovski has a hockey arena that has professional coaches who are in charge of the trainings. As part of this facility, there is figure skating training, disposable to all citizens. The skating rink is available for recreational skating from 10 to 17 h and from 21 to 00 h. The basic equipment for the training is provided by the Sports Centre itself (helmet, skates, hockey stick, and any additional items can be ordered, according to the needs of the users).

The karting center is the newest, most popular activity of a recreational character. There are eight Honda karting carsand SPARCO safety equipment. There’s a café where you can rest and relax after the driving.

Within the Sports Center there is a Family Center Habyland. Habyland is a fun place to be, intended for children under 12 years of age with a separate space for the youngest. Outside the object there is an ice skating rink… and a nice terraced coffee bar.

What’s newest isthe renovated swimming pool Karposh. The pool has a new look as well as a completely renovated interior. Both of the pools are intended for intra and international competitions , being on the disposal of every interested sports, recreational and scuba diving club. There are around 500 swimmers from all ages using the services of the swimming center on daily basis. During the summer, reclining beach chairs are placed on the terrace, where the swimmers can relax and enjoy the sun.

There is a Recreational Center as well. Within it, there are many fun, recreational activities involved, like aerobics, Pilates, fitness, sauna, artificial climbing rock and a place for rhythmic gymnastics.

Another big, capital facility, the largest one after the building of the Boris Trajkovski Arena. Is the Aqua Park, the very first one in Skopje. It is situated on a 12,000 m2 area, having all the best and the most popular utilities, every modern Aqua park should have.

There are 4 sports shops within the Sports Center Boris Trajkovski. The multi-functional character of the sports centre is what makes SC Boris Trajkovski so unique.